Krysta and Stephen were easy to photograph, emotion from them was effortless. Their wedding was more about spending time together than a big showy production. (That is not to imply that their wedding wasn’t stunning with excellent food and company.)

I will reveal that Krysta and I have been friends for years, we are no-nonsense friends, very little bullshit between us. We are both busy, but when we finally get to connect it is usually a sleepover and involves talking into the wee hours, so yes, lots of girl-talk about our significant others (and some crossword playing–whiskey drinking–MN lake swimming).

Stephen is her match: in our all our late night secret sharing she has never once said a bad thing about him, she is in love and in the present they have established a life of travel, learning, fitness, cooking, and adventure-seeking, which I think will give their future relationship some variety, sexiness and newness, and in a way, stability. They are both independent, but work so well as a team. I know we will have many future double dates, camping trips, biking adventures, and maybe a meet up in Paris. 😉

Take note of the Bánh mì they shared before the wedding…





  • Ashley Rick - crystal, you’re the best and i mean that from my heart!ReplyCancel

  • Gregory Tanico - My Dad was a competitive photographer, developing his own b/w and color back in the day (1950-60’s), and you are every bit his equal, if not better. Your work is stunning, especially the b/w. You have the gift of a great eye and are able to capture the emotions of people in your work. I am really looking forward to seeing the complete set!ReplyCancel

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It’s music to my ears when I hear that after a family session the children ask, “when is Mrs. Crystal coming back!”.  I was in the DC metro area a little over a month ago and I was invited into the home of this family of FIVE! The parents let me take some risks by allowing me to make suggestions to their children i.e. “Hey kids, let’s jump on the bed, and hey kids, have you ever created a parachute with the blanket?” — we had a rambunctious time! The light was beautiful, and the mood was right, so I think the risk was a success. As much as I want to please parents with the final images I ultimately aim to please children when I’m in the moment. Here are some of my favorite images from my sincere and silly heart.



I’m at the age where many of my high school friends/peers are getting married, having babies, excelling at their careers, making their mark — all sorts of rites of passages are happening. I have received a cluster of inquiries in the past few years about photo sessions from people I haven’t connected with since I was an adolescent myself, and every time I see a familiar name I feel a little surprised, i.e. “who ME, you want me to take make your photographs”)!!

I think there is this unconditional respect, admiration, love, wonder (unsure of the best word to describe this) for my peers who I knew as hopeful teenagers. What I mean is that it is so satisfying to see people that I felt close to as a child become great adults — fulfill their dreams or make new ones, redefine themselves, or just simply age well.

All this is to say that the proud papa of Charlotte, Aaron, was a special friend in high school. His wife Melisa was one of those girls I did not know well but admired her beauty and smarts from afar. They have created not only a life of travel, a beautiful home, but little baby Charlotte. Welcome to the world Charlotte! And kudos to Melisa for her great eye for design and textiles in their home!



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